Michael Moran & Associates

Business today must use state-of-the-art technologies to remain competitive.

-Michael Moran & Assoc. has brought the very best technical solutions to top tier financial, industrial, and retail companies for the past 29 years. “We sell a solution to a customer’s problem that is adequately defined and deliverable by the vendor, and properly implemented by both the vendor and customer. This insures that all parties are satisfied.” Then we follow up periodically to assure the customer’s satisfaction and to offer solutions to their new challenges.

Michael L. Moran & Assoc. dba MMA Technologies is now a Marketing Partner with InsightETE. We are chartered with promoting Insight products and services throughout the United States and Canada to all types of businesses and industries, including financial, healthcare, retail, and insurance.

Outages and disruptions in communications between servers and clients severely impact the delivery of quality services on a timely basis. In healthcare disruptions and outages in getting the proper patient information to a provider can be catastrophic. In business such problems result in poor customer service and almost always have negative financial impacts.

“InsightETE provides a Business Application Monitor, a technology solution that measures and troubleshoots IT system performance by monitoring the flow of information to and from IT users. By measuring both availability AND response time across all platforms and systems in real time, our clients track service levels, reduce outages, and improve customer satisfaction. InsightETE solutions also measure business efficiency by monitoring the performance of all steps in any business process.”            Click HERE for more information

The SEICON SYSTEM is a PARADIGM SHIFT in traditional approaches to reducing the transmission of vibration to surrounding structures. The underlying concepts of this paradigm shift are applicable to a broad range of products in many different industries and an unlimited number of applications.

Since its original development, Seicon has focused its energies on the marine industry, heavy equipment industry, and recently on home appliances, specifically front load washing machines.

The Seicon Washer Platform has been proven effective with both top load and front load washers.  Front load washers have a greater problem with vibration due to the design structure of the machine and the high spin speeds required of the washer tub.                   Click HERE for more information