The SEICON SYSTEM is a PARADIGM SHIFT in traditional approaches to reducing the transmission of vibration to surrounding structures. The underlying concepts of this paradigm shift, are applicable to a broad range of products in many different industries and an unlimited number of applications.

Vibration causes occupant and/or operator fatigue. Vibration also causes increased mechanical wear and can lead to zones of forbidden operation at certain frequencies.

The first Seicon prototypes were isolators used as motor mounts for a diesel engine in a sail boat. This installation proved the effectiveness of the Seicon System in marine applications.

The second Seicon prototype installation went into a Mastercraft Ski Boat where the four isolators automatically adjust themselves according to the speed (RPM) of the engine.

John Cunningham, a professor at Skidmore College, identified the underlying concepts of the SEICON SYSTEM in 1985 primarily as a solution to the devastative effects of seismic shocks generated by earthquakes. Since its original development, Seicon has focused its energies on the marine industry, heavy equipment industry, and recently on home appliances.

Seicon began to target the home appliance industry after being challenged to solve vibration problems of a front loading washer on the second floor of an existing home. Our engineering staff designed an washing machine platform with four Seicon Isolators built into it. The result was the elimination of over 90% of the vibration transfer to the structure of the house. Since then Seicon has thoroughly studied, tested and improved the design of the washer platform and plans on having production models in late 2007.

The Seicon Washer Platform has been proven effective with both top load and front load washers. Front load washers have a greater problem with vibration due to the design structure of the machine and the high spin speeds required of the washer tub. The Seicon Platform is especially effective with these front load washers

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