PAYMENT TRANSACTION PROCESSING: Let us save your business time and money by doing the initial research of vendors for your new systems. Keep your present employees on track with their responsibilities. We can assist you in identifying your present and future requirements and then assist in the development of a “Request for Proposal”. We will also identify the vendors most likely to be able to meet the proposal requirements and then assist you in the selection process. Once the selection is made, we can also manage or assist in the management of the installation of the system.

We have extensive experience in all types of payment processing systems, including EOB and direct health care payment processing.

SALES AND MARKETING: We have extensive experience in sales force development as well as Major and National Account Development and Management. We are experienced, strategic and entrepreneurial with accomplishment in business and new product development. We are respected by customers as a creative problem solver with the ability to work complex business issues. This includes experience in building infrastructure to support and maintain a growing business. If you are looking to develop or grow a sales force we can help.

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: Mike Moran has over 25 years experience in managing and growing a business. We can be the initial management team that gets a business off the ground or an interim management solution while permanent management is being identified. Mike Moran has an engineering and sales background. He understands development, production and the need for the right amount of infrastructure at the right time. He understands product and project management.