Business Application Monitoring


Most companies and organizations rely on complex and expensive computer systems to manage and operate their businesses. Often such systems can be the heart of the business itself. It is not uncommon for these systems not to operate to the level expected or needed.

Outages and disruptions in communications between servers and clients severely impact the delivery of quality services on a timely basis. Such problems result in poor customer service and almost always have negative financial impacts so when a problem occurs it is imperative to locate the cause and then fix the problem. In healthcare disruptions and outages in accessing the proper medical and patient information to a provider can be catastrophic.

“InsightETE provides a Business Application Monitor, a technology solution that measures and troubleshoots IT system performance by monitoring the flow of information to and from IT users. By measuring both availability AND response time across all platforms and systems in real time, our clients track service levels, reduce outages, and improve customer satisfaction. InsightETE solutions also measure business efficiency by monitoring the performance of all steps in any business process.”

Michael L. Moran & Assoc. is now a Marketing Partner with InsightETE. We are chartered with promoting Insight products and services throughout the United States and Canada to all types of businesses and industries, including financial, healthcare, retail, and insurance. Please contact us to learn more about the InsightETE solution. You could very well have the answer to problems that have been plaguing you for months or years, within days or hours of implementation.

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